HACKED By Moroccan Hacker's

[~]:======(Our message to Egypt#)======:[~]

We are The Hackers Moroccans Dear Tumblr ourselves dogs we Hackers Moroccans who will be punished throughout your life eternal You say that our fasting and our festival is unacceptable Hear, O Christians Almtaaonnon with the Zionist entity First, we are the first country in the world workmanship satellite Hear, O dogs we or state level Alivriqi has the largest telescope to observe stars We Tani state before Brazil promise the best in the field of protection of Informatics and finally we promise from Ladki people in the world and say that we did not see the moon Completed Despite this topic techniques exist for our ant we see where you pee Vg We promise the best strongest and fiercest. Greetings from: We are the Makers Hacker Team

Moroccan Hacker's

our page Team :)/>>>>>www.fb.com/Hacker.Official.Anonymous

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